Badminton tournaments taking place in Lithuania

Badminton tournaments in Lithuania

Badminton tournaments of different levels are held nearly each weekend, except summer time, in different cities of Lithuania.

We invite and encourage club members to participate in the tournaments:

  • You begin to play better, when you have a chance to play against various players with different play styles and ability levels;
  • You have a fun time, as badminton community in Lithuania is friendly and open;
  • You lead a healthy lifestyle — as you are physically active instead of sitting and watching TV.

Full list of badminton tournaments in Lithuania is published by Lithuanian badminton federation (LBF), in "Calendar" section.

Sometimes, the format, starting fees and other aspects of the tournaments differ, therefore we recommend to take a look at "Regulations" section before registering.

Please have in mind, that it is important to register until the given deadline, as it will not be accepted later. You can register personally, or in a centralized way, through the club.

The tournaments take place on Saturdays and/or Sundays, most often the registration has to be submitted by Thursday evening at the latest.

Player strength groups and ratings

All rated badminton players in Lithuania are divided into skill / ability groups, so rest assured that you will find a tournament of suitable level to participate in.

  • A - professional players, members of Lithuanian national teams;
  • B - high playing level youth and adults;
  • Cs - medium level adults;
  • Cj - medium level youth;
  • Ds - adults of beginners' level;
  • Dj - children of beginners' level.

Rating points are calculated automatically for participation in tournaments and victories in matches. LBF publishes constantly updated rating table of all Lithuanian badminton players.

When you win a match, you not only progress in rating, but also get a possibility to play with a player of lesser skill during the first round of the following tournaments, in that way increasing the chances to secure a higher place.

To participate in rated LBF tournaments, one must obtain a license, its yearly cost is 30 Litas.

Some practical advice

If you plan to go to a tournament, but have no means of transport, ask and you will surely find a company for the trip. The same applies in case you don't find a doubles partner to play with.

Make sure you know the badminton rules, if that is your first time in a tournament.

Take sufficient amount of water and snacks, as you will probably get hungry. During the breaks between the matches it can get chilly — you can avoid it if you have long training pants and a training jacket or a jumper. Some players choose to take a music player or a book to read during the breaks.

Good luck!