London Olympic Games 2012 badminton schedule

All the badminton community is eagerly waiting for London Olympic Games 2012 to find out who will be the proud owner of Olympic medals.

The official badminton tournament schedule is available online here, but for those usability and ergonomics freaks, "Badminton virus" has compiled a 2 page printable pdf file with preliminary schedule, so you can keep it with you at all times and not miss a single match!

Download it here.

Live stream of 2012 London Olympics badminton matches is so far available here

Akvilė Stapušaitytė will play her first group match against Yao Jie from Netherlands on 30th of July, 14.30 Lithuanian time, and her second group match will be against Ragna Ingolfsdottir from Iceland on 31st of July, at 21.42