Participated in a community event "Park differently", 2012

Event "Park differently"

"Badminton virus" participated in an event called "Park differently" on  2012 June 9-10.

The initiative was greeted with a great interest, especially satisfying was the fact that not only kids and adults, but also senior citizens actively played badminton.

Prior to the event we thought that it will take a lot of effort to involve passers-by to join the game, but we were pleasantly surprised that most of participants weren't afraid at all to ask if it is possible to play a few rallies.

At times, it happened that people were playing not only over the net, but also behind it, as there was literally no more space!

We extend our gratitude to organizers of the event, as well as to club members who helped to make sure that badminton part of the event was interesting and fun — Tanita U., Tomas V., Tadas K., Inga K. and others!

Some media highlights about the event are listed below.


Photo: V. Balkūnas

Gediminas avenue became a green park

Gediminas avenue is a green meadow (video)


Photo: Š. Mažeika

„Park differently" days in Vilnius


Photo: L. Balandis

Gediminas avenue became green

Gediminas avenue transformed into a temporary park


Photo: S. Švitra

Gediminas avenue became a green recreation zone


Photo: Zeneka

„Park differently“: Gediminas avenue became green







Photo: pinga

Park differently


„Healthy city“ invited to different sports on weekend