Racket stringing

Badminton racket stringing

We will gladly string your racket. Please find the prices in EUR below. Contact us for details.

Stringing tension — up to 15 kg. We will not be responsible if, during stringing of the used racket, it breaks.

Base price 15
Racket purchased with club consultation -1,5
Stringing for "Badminton Virus" club members -1,5
Cutting and removing old strings +0,5
Changing more than 20 grommets +1
Racket with more than 76 holes +1,5
Expensive string (f. e. NBG-95) +1,5
Urgent stringing (next day) +3
Stringing takes more than 1 week -1,5
Changing the grip (incl. grip) +3
Pick-up or delivery in Vilnius city area +3